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Midday Movement Classes (Virtual)

No purchase required to enroll
Hit pause and join us for some midday core and mobility movement! These classes are 30 minutes long and are only open for those with a membership plan or punch card - these classes are considered "free" and will not deduct a visit from your plan or punch card*. *MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED INTO PIKE13 ACCOUNT - if you have a membership or punch card, you need to be signed to enroll!
  • Core Connection Class: Focus on activating your core and working through progressions to up the challenge.
    • Equipment: Mat

  • Do Your Mobility Class: Because we never do it on our own, let’s do it together. A coach will walk you through 30 minutes of different mobility movements to help keep your body rocking.
    • Equipment: Mat, foam roller, lacrosse ball
Once you enroll you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to join the class (it will send to the email you used for your Pike13 account). After enrolling, check that you received the enrollment confirmation email, you may need to check your email filters if it does not show up in your inbox. Please email us if you have any issues.