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Membership ($145 Flexible Pricing)

All our memberships share the same features:
  • No set-up fees, no contract, no cancellation fees
  • Renew automatically every month from the date you sign up (ex. if you sign up on the 6th your first month, your membership renews on the 6th of each following month)
Currently on a membership plan and want to switch to a different one?
  • Log into your account, on your dashboard select your membership plan, select "change to different plan"
  • Or email striveanduplift@gmail.com and we will make the switch for you

Set Your Rate:

  • Everyone’s financial situation is informed by the interactions between income, wealth, debt, and varying costs of basic living expenses. If you want help determining what the right price is for you or want to learn more about flexible pricing, go HERE to our website!
  • The information on the website is offered solely as a guide to help you decide the rate that’s best for you. It’s impossible to capture everything, which means you may have specific circumstances that aren’t reflected here. Ultimately, the choice is yours — we’re trying to lower barriers, not put more in your way!

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